Meditation Training: A Path of Clarity and Vision

Any authentic spiritual work has finding the Self as a primary aim, and the Clairvision techniques are no exception.
The Clairvision School provides high level meditation training for modern-day people that emphasizes direct experience over belief.
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The Berkeley Spire is the Bay Area home of the Clairvision School, located in Berkeley, California. The Clairvision training at the Berkeley Spire is offered in the format of weekend Meditation Workshops (Awakening the Third Eye) and Weekly Classes, providing a systematic and experiential approach to exploring consciousness.

Upcoming Events at the Spire

Awakening the Third Eye - Weekend Workshop

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Third eye meditation leads to awakening from within

Meditation is about overcoming all mental limitations and discovering the giant inside. This introductory meditation workshop takes you through a dynamic and systematic set of techniques to activate the third eye and other energy centers. These techniques create a foundation for self knowledge and support an integration of your life and your spiritual aspiration.

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Skills you learn:

Third eye meditation

Learn a daily meditation practice and connect to higher spaces of consciousness.

Dynamic awareness

Stay centered, clear, and solid throughout your day.

Grounding your energy

Techniques to ground and seal your energy for greater vitality.

Night practice

Speed up recuperation from fatigue and use periods of rest for self-transformation.

Spiritual seeking in the 21st century

Techniques designed to bring meaning to your life: clarity and stability in a rapidly changing world.


Cultivating the third eye and heart center brings inner vision, lightness, and awakening.

Learn more about these skills on the Clairvision School website.

Weekly Classes

Meditation and Inner Space Techniques Training

Time Start End Cost Prerequisite Register
Wednesday Evenings
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Fall 2024 Ongoing $108 per month Awakening the Third Eye Workshop Sign up by emailing

The weekly classes are an opportunity to have first-hand experiences of states of consciousness and awaken spiritual vision. Through the Inner Space Techniques (IST), you get in touch with your Higher Self and clear emotional and energetic blockages to become free from layers of conditioning.

Attending weekly classes is a powerful way to integrate your life and your spiritual practice. The regularity creates stability and allows you to reach greater depths. It is also an opportunity to be part of a community of people passionate about spiritual transformation and growth, as you can continue practicing with other Clairvision students in the Bay area.

To find more information about Weekly Classes, visit the Clairvision School's international website to read more.

Talks and Events

The Berkeley Spire periodically offers free informative talks on topics such as meditation, energy management and spiritual awakening. These events are open to anyone and only require that you sign up in advance. Bring your curosity and questions!

No talks scheduled at this time - please check back for updates! Or subscribe to the Berkeley Spire mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.

About the Spire

Clairvision's Urban Meditation Center

The Berkeley Spire is the Bay Area home of the Clairvision School and offers weekend meditation workshops and weekly classes based on a systematic and experiential approach to exploring consciousness.

Located in the heart of Berkeley, the Spire is a spacious and welcoming center, with rooms designed for meditation, gathering, and talks.

The Spire is located on 1901 Eighth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Upcoming Retreats in Northern California

Retreat courses are run in Northern California on a property in the mountains with the silence and spaciousness needed to take your practice deeper.

To find upcoming retreat courses, visit the Clairvision North America Courses page.

Explore the Clairvision Training

Founded by Samuel Sagan, the Clairvision School offers a systematic approach for experiencing high states of consciousness. Designed for modern people, the techniques of meditation and inner alchemy put you in touch with the essential and unchanging you. It brings a depth of meaning to everyday life. Each student's path of traversing through the Clairvision training is unique and designed to support an integration of their life and their spiritual aspiration.

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Free Clairvision Resources

Find these free resources on the Clairvision School's international website:

Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds

Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds is a four-part meditation course designed to take people (including people with no meditation background) into experiences of consciousness.

KT Winds of Change

An online Knowledge Track which is comprised of talks about spirituality in general as well as some aspects of the Clairvision path.

A Language to Map Consciousness

This comprehensive glossary of terms has been created and compiled through the systematic mapping carried out by Samuel Sagan and students exploring states of consciousness.


Aphorisms, not all of them related to the Clairvision work, collected by Samuel Sagan.

Atlantean Secrets, Volume 1

Atlantean Secrets explores the scope of human consciousness through the magic of story-telling.

Musical images online

The Clairvision Books Bleeding Sun and 4 volumes of Atlantean Secrets were created as music before they were written. In each musical image, you will find the story scene they illustrate.

Clairvision Articles

Articles covering a wide range of topics about meditation and the Clairivison School.

Resources in foreign languages

A number of the free Clairvision resources and books are available in other languages.

Articles by Clairvision Students on Medium

Find articles, stories, and meditation experiences by Clairvision students on our Clairvision Medium account.

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